Fiduciary Management

As the largest specialist fiduciary manager in the UK, we support a range of defined benefit schemes to help them achieve full funding.

Predictable results for pension funds in an uncertain world

Our film, produced in partnership with ITN, looks at pension risk management.


Cardano response to DWP green paper

In this response we explain why we fundamentally disagree with DWP on their assessment of the DB pension problem.

Thoughts and opinions

What can an investor learn from a football coach?

Andreea V. Popescu explores the exciting world of football and lays down a few strategies that investors can learn from football coaches.

Thoughts and opinions
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As humans we are bad at predicting the future

Lessons from 2016: Predicting an event is extremely difficult. With the benefit of hindsight, anyone can be a fortune teller.

Thoughts and opinions
Lincoln Pensions

Cardano acquires Lincoln Pensions

We are delighted to announce we have acquired Lincoln Pensions, the UK's largest independent covenant advisory firm.

Cardano in brief

Assets under advice and management in UK


industry awards over 8 years


feature-length documentary made that explains the global economic system


independent covenant advisory firm

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changing the way we think about the economy

Economy is a new educational and current affairs website, funded by Cardano Insights, that is on a mission to change the way we think about the economy.


Our film

Boom Bust Boom

Boom Bust Boom reveals our unstable economic system and explains why crashes happen.

View the trailer and learn more about the film.