Ecnmy kid

Economy is a new educational and current affairs website that is on a mission to change the way we think about the economy, challenging perceptions about what economics is, and making it more accessible and relevant to people’s lives.

Economy is a project led by Rethinking Economics, a network of over 30 student groups around the world all on a mission to change the way economics is taught. Registered as a charity based in the UK, the start-up phase for economy has been funded by Cardano Insights, the educational arm of Cardano.

The website is a collaborative and open source platform for debate, driven by content from around the world. It is moving past the frustrating buzzwords and jargon to breathe life back into a subject that shouldn't just be for experts, but for everyone.

Contributors to the website include academics, journalists, students and those who are impacted by economics in everyday life.

Economy and Cardano
The relationship between Cardano and Rethinking Economics began during the filming of Boom Bust Boom, the documentary looks at why financial crashes happen and what can be done to break the cycle. Following on from Boom Bust Boom we started a conversation with Rethinking Economics about a new educational project. The result of this discussion is economy.

For more information on economy please visit the site here.