Legal and compliance

Cardano Group Pillar 3 Disclosure July 2017

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Telephone Call Recording

Cardano records some incoming and outgoing telephone conversations for the purposes of compliance with regulatory requirements. Recordings will take place without warning tones or any other notice. Recordings will be retained for 5 years and will be made available to Clients upon request.

Cardano UK and Lincoln Pensions Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement

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Cardano Stewardship Code compliance statement

As an investment adviser and manager to institutional clients, Cardano acknowledges the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in investment outcomes and supports the Stewardship Code.

Cardano does not invest directly in listed companies. As an investment consultant and manager, Cardano engages with clients to enhance their understanding of the role stewardship of investee companies plays in the delivery of an effective long term investment strategy.

When researching investment managers for our advisory or fiduciary service, Cardano considers how actively the manager is engaged in stewardship and voting practices including by proxy. The importance placed on stewardship in the engagement with and monitoring and research of any one manager will depend on the positive impact that engagement in stewardship could have on their investment strategy. As Cardano focuses on the extent of stewardship by managers, monitors their strategy and does not ordinarily intervene or vote itself, conflicts of interest will not ordinarily arise as a result of Cardano voting or influencing voting on matters affecting a client or parent company.

Cardano is a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment. Where appropriate, Cardano encourages managers to sign up to independently established principles for responsible investing.