Company profile

Founded in the Netherlands in 2000, Cardano now has 160 staff with backgrounds in the areas of risk management, investment management, research, actuarial, investment advisory and fiduciary management. Following a successful first seven years during which we became the leaders in the area of risk management we launched Cardano in the UK (2007).

Our core interest is in understanding the causes and impact of risk in order to significantly improve financial performance and resilience. We believe that financial institutions, such as pension funds and insurance companies, amongst others, can best serve their members, by adopting a robust risk management approach. This involves taking acceptable risks to generate reasonable returns but avoiding the kind of excessive exposures that could be devastating.

Cardano Development

The genesis for Cardano Development started in 2007 with our support in the creation of The Currency Exchange (, promoting local currency financing. Cardano Development is a not-for-profit, independent foundation set up and supported by the Cardano Group and aims to improve the robustness and resilience of financial systems of developing and frontier countries through innovation in the area of finance and risk management. Working together with the world’s leading development finance institutions like IFC and the EBRD, our approach has already supported over 1,500,000 small business entrepreneurs and some 17,000 farmers in developing markets. 

Cardano Insights

Cardano Insights was formally launched in 2013, although for many years we have been producing articles, books, short films and more recently a feature length documentary focussing on growing the awareness and understanding about responsible financial management. 

Lincoln Pensions

Lincoln Pensions is an independent subsidiary of the Cardano Group, and was acquired in October 2016. Lincoln Pensions is the UK’s leading independent covenant provider with a nationwide team of professionals with expertise in areas including covenant reviews, affordability analysis, scheme funding advice, corporate transactions, regulatory issues and counterparty assessments.

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