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Considering the vital role finance plays in our lives, it’s surprising how so many decisions we make involving money are either influenced through 'gut feeling' or media and friends input.

Filling the financial knowledge gap

Considering the vital role finance plays in our lives, it's surprising how little it is taught in schools. Yet the practical matter of how to effectively manage personal finances remains a mystery to those outside the financial services industry (and quite a few within it). 

As a result, too many people make serious, life-impacting decisions about their money without properly understanding the uncertainty of financial markets. This can lead to excessive mortgage borrowing, insufficient pension savings and unexpected investment losses, any of which can lead to personal tragedy for the individual involved. 

A passionate belief in life-long learning 

A first step to better deal with financial uncertainty is to increase our awareness, which means gaining insights in to how the economy and the financial markets really work. We have to accept the recurring pattern of financial crises and be aware that a stable level of saving and borrowing will minimise the worst consequences of those events.

We can learn a lot from the simple act of challenging the conventional truths. This includes translating academic and practical insights into best practices for industry professionals, who in turn will be able to create more awareness with lay people thus increasing their understanding of finances.

Making insights accessible to everyone

We aim to actively promote financial education in schools, colleges and at home. In doing so, we help many people, young and old, to understand the key principles that lead to a stable financial life. 

To support our campaign we have created a series of educational books about economics, finance, risk and uncertainty. 

We also use films as an educational medium and have recently been working with Monty Python’s Terry Jones. Our first collaboration was an entertaining short film, entitled ‘Risky Business and the Business of Risk’. 

Our latest production is a comprehensive documentary showing the many ways in which human foibles cause financial crises. More on this can be found at 

Cardano Insights has worked closely with the worldwide Rethinking Economics student movement on a website to further widen the public understanding of economics. The website provides easy to understand materials, written collaboratively by experts and readers to facilitate the discussion between everybody involved in the economy. We are proud to have funded this initiative with the call to learn, act and engage with the economy.

Your insights - the driver of change

In all these ways, Cardano hopes to grow the understanding of responsible financial management among industry professionals and lay people. Only through personal insights can our society improve its financial awareness.

If you would like to find out more about Cardano Insights please contact Marja Koolschijn or Stefan Lundbergh.


Our film

Boom Bust Boom

Boom Bust Boom reveals our unstable economic system and explains why crashes happen.

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changing the way we think about the economy

Economy is a new educational and current affairs website, funded by Cardano Insights, that is on a mission to change the way we think about the economy.


Endogenous Instability

By Theo Kocken, Cardano founder

This booklet comprises the core of the speech made by Theo Kocken at his inauguration as professor of Risk Management for Institutional Investors at the VU University Amsterdam, and serves as the foundation for the documentary Boom Bust Boom.