Harold Naus appointed CEO of Cardano Netherlands

October 2014
My personal ambition is perfectly in line with Cardano’s mission. We want to help organisations exposed to financial markets to meet their stakeholders’ expectations without exposure to acutely dangerous outcomes. In addition, through Cardano Development, we aim to extend our mission to businesses in developing countries. We’ll be offering practical solutions to the huge risks they face from currency fluctuations and unpredictable weather.

Cardano is not unfamiliar to me. During my long-standing working relationship with company founder Theo Kocken (mainly in the field of risk management) I contributed to Cardano’s business model at its formation in 2000. We kept in touch, which has led to my appointment as CEO of Cardano in The Netherlands.

I started my career at BNG, a bank run by and for Dutch local authorities. Having been originally educated as a physicist, this was a whole new beginning for me and introduced me to the world of market and credit risk management, ALM and interest and currency derivatives.

Moving on to ING Bank, I fulfilled several roles throughout the organisation over a period of 18 years. Initially I was responsible for trading book risks. At that time ING was still trading on a large scale, particularly in emerging markets. Later on, the emphasis shifted towards modelling client behaviour. I would deal with questions such as: ‘What is the pre-payment profile of the German mortgage portfolio?’ or ‘How interest rate-sensitive are Turkish savers?’ My managerial role involved converting the executive board’s ‘risk appetite’ into a risk framework. This set out the limits that all account managers and traders worked with on a daily basis.

As regards communication, I will be drawing on extensive experience when explaining to clients the technical expertise of Cardano’s risk management specialists. In addition, having worked in the banking industry during a time of enormous cultural change I am well placed to deal with similar changes now happening in pension systems.

Cardano is a fantastic company that has grown considerably over the past 14 years and gained a strong reputation in the market. Yet many market players only know the company as a market leader in derivatives and overlay management, even though our services are much more extensive. So I’ll be looking to make these other services better known. I also want to make our research and knowledge capabilities more useful and effective for our clients.

Release date 11 September 2014