Join us at the PLSA Investment conference

January 2016
“It is precisely because we live in an uncertain world. It is precisely because we have not abolished boom and bust as a nation... that the difficult times aren’t over.” George Osborne, 7 Jan, 2016

We are really pleased to announce that we will be presenting at the Trustee Learning Zone on 9 March at the PLSA Investment Conference in Edinburgh.

We are looking forward to welcoming trustees to our interactive and entertaining session to learn why boom and busts are a persistent feature of life, and how pension funds can be insulated from the vagaries of economic scenarios.

With the help of inputs from Nobel prize winners, Monty Python and behavioural experts, Stefan Lundbergh, Head of Cardano Insights and Phil Redding, UK Head of Business Development, will talking through how pension schemes can ensure that risk management is embedded in portfolio design before the next bust occurs. 

This session promises to be a lively and topical forum that will hopefully change the way you think about investing! View more information at PLSA Investment Conference 2016.