Rethinking Integrated Risk Management at PLSA Annual Conference 2017

October 2017
Cardano and Lincoln Pensions launched a new approach to Integrated Risk Management (IRM) at the PLSA Annual Conference 2017.
Lincoln Pensions joined forces with Cardano this time last year to offer clients innovative, tailored, integrated risk management solutions.

We believe in thinking about scheme risks in an integrated way so that we can understand the actions that need to be taken to make balanced decisions about risk. We believe this will optimise the chance of schemes meeting their objectives – paying full benefits to the members when due. If the industry applied this kind of holistic thinking and approach, it could make a real difference – not only to our world of pensions, but to society as a whole.

During the conference, we will launch two major pieces of insight. The first is an "IRM Made Simple" guide, which we have produced in partnership with the PLSA. This jargon-free guide showcases the benefit of Cardano and Lincoln's joint expertise in risk management and practical steps for trustees to be able to implement IRM effectively. The second is "The Worry Index", a piece of proprietary research looking at pensions risk in the FTSE 100 – a practical application of IRM.

In addition, Kerrin Rosenberg and Darren Redmayne – CEOs of Cardano and Lincoln Pensions will be kickstarting the conference at 10am answering the question: why hasn't IRM reached exit velocity and what can we do to change that?

If you are attending the conference, please do join us at Stand 502. There will be coffee, smoothies, augmented reality and, of course, champagne.