Investment Advisory

We will give you clear and impactful advice. Advice that makes a difference and helps you achieve a more certain outcome. Our client team have many years’ experience of working with trustees and helping them achieve results that count. We draw on our experience of managing pension funds to make sure that what we advise is both effective and practical.

Investing for pensions needn’t be complicated. With our service, it isn’t.

Our advisory service aims to deliver steady, stable growth in your funding ratio. It does this by focusing on helping you achieve full funding and, once this has been achieved, helping you maintain it. This means ensuring assets outperform liabilities in a planned and controlled way. 

To achieve this, we provide the full range of investment advisory services, including investment strategy, manager selection and risk management. 

What it’s about

Portfolios don’t need to be complex, but they do need an element of dynamism. Long gone are the days when you could sit back for 10 years and see the returns add up. 

We will help you build a portfolio that fits around your governance structure, but one that also adapts over time. We’ve never believed in sitting on the fence and we value clear advice that’s easy to understand. 

How it works

Setting clear goals and objectives relative to your liabilities is the most important decision a trustee can take. We’ll help you do this by establishing a clear framework for achieving and maintaining full funding within a defined time period. 

Once this is complete you’ll have your own flight path, return targets and risk tolerance. We make this process as simple as possible and support the trustees in their discussions with the sponsor. 

Consistent with these goals, we help trustees achieve a balanced portfolio with an appropriate mix of investments and well-established hedging instruments. Each investment in the portfolio has to count and we seek to avoid unnecessary repetition. These aim to deliver planned and controlled performance whatever happens in the financial markets. In a world of uncertainty, it’s good to know you can pay your pensions as they fall due. 

The same applies to risk management. Our focus is on improving the funding ratio as well as protecting the fund. It’s not just about hedging ‘risky’ investments but managing the overall solvency ratio.